Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[the sea]

I wish I were standing out in front of the ocean. I picture myself watching the waves roll in and roll out. I can hear the waves crashing; the water and sand tickling my toes. I'm more stressed out than usual this morning.

HOLY CRAP!! 30 followers?! I am just dancing with delite! I think a few of them are SPAM but who cares! Thank you EVERYONE for your support! This is a wonderful community and I LOVE you all!! <3

My best friend moved back to Africa. In 23 years I never met someone who really made me feel like I had a best friend. I've had many come and go, but none had a bond with me like this one. I've had girls claim they were my best friend but in reality I couldn't stand them anymore than I could even stand being around myself. This one girl in particular is just such a hypocrite it makes me want to scream. She is also one of those girls who likes to call herself  "obese" when I'm around. Pretty sure if you're obese at 105lbs then I am a fucking enormous whale at 145lbs! She thinks she's so clever too, "no, I'm just talking about myself not you..." I'm like okay, cunt. 

People in this town keep trying to adopt me as their friend but most of them don't realize that I can't them 99% of the time. The only person I feel like hanging out with is Camille but she is 2 hours away. Honestly, I can say at this point in my life, aside from my boyfriend, she is the only person I can trust with any of my feelings. Thank god for her.


I did fairly well yesterday! I am actually quite proud. I ended up drinking 2 slim fasts, having a very small turkey patty with no bread or cheese or anything and then some chips. I ended up getting completely fucking drunk while playing UNO on XBOXLIVE and then got hungry so I ate some noodles lol Let me tell you, after about 7 shots of sake anything in your stomach just exits regardless to if you want it to stay! I got on skype to chat with my boyfriend and ended up passing out on him. However, before falling asleep I sent him a picture of my ass bent over ahaha. Alcohol makes me do funny things. He happened to be very drunk too so it was extra fun. The power went out in the barracks so he was outside his room drinking vodka with his friends. Sometimes I wish I lived there because they sound like so much fun!

On another note, I do not sunburn... ever. However, let me amend that and say, "I do not sunburn on the places that see the sun while tanning." My smart brain decides to go tanning to "even out" my ass cheeks so I don't have a white ass and tan legs. MISTAKE. I was burnt to a crisp. I woke up this morning and I'm tan again which is what always happens but good lord, my butt looked like a tomato!! :)

I guess we are all going to the casino this weekend *COUGH, Camille, COUGH* so... if anyone just happens to be in KC they should give me a call, damnit!


  1. Weeeee I think I was your follower number 30! NOT spam lol!

  2. 1. Totally thought "delite" was "delitel" b/c the L looked like an exclamation mark... and I was like good job on the big word! lmao

    2. I know who you're talking about. And yeah, she's a cuntgobbler. She looks like a paradox of a skeleton and an unhealthy chicken. Not to mention, her face is fugly anyway. Too much makeup (did you see her FB status yesterday? LMAO)

    3. I LOOOOOVE YOU TOOOOOOO!!! I wish we lived closer :(((( It makes me extremely sad. If we lived closer together we would be tearing shit APART. lol

    4. So you sent C a picture of your burned bumbum?! hahahahahahahahahahaha

    5. I NEEEEED TO COME DOWN TO KC!!!!!! I'll have to find a babysitter and some moneyz though. So good luck to me on that one. :( I might have to go through the kids' old clothes and take them to the consignment ship.

  3. I am going to the ocean in less than a week's time.
    Hooray vacation! :D
    OMG I have "friends" like that and they drive me flipping NUTS.
    "I am so fat!"
    Yeah, you are like 100 pounds, I think you need to STFU because you are offending those of us who really ARE fat, thanks.
    Gah, bitches.
    Hahaha, alcohol makes you do fun things. ;)
    I hate sunburn.
    That is what happens to me every time I go out in the sun.
    No lie.
    Anyway, hope you have a fantastic day; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  4. I hate sunburn too, my chest is peeling and I look like I have a hefty case of dandruff!! I don't burn on my arms/legs either which is one plus sign (but I can't get my legs out atm as I have two HUGE angry bug bites on them which look HORRENDOUS ugh!)

    I know what you mean about not being able to stand like most of the people around. I dunno if it's just me or if I just live amongst a whole bunch of cretins because I seem to have an extremely low tolerance level for almost anyone! I hate fakers, the 'oh we should soooo go out, I looooove you'. Shut. Up.

    Oooer sorry for ranting on your page!!!

    Anyhow have a good one love,

    AJ xx

  5. I love the beach, the ocean and the waves, its all so peaceful and calm. It washes the stress right away.
    Try and ignore the insignificant childish people who only knock other people down to make themselves feel better.