Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I did very well today! What a great way to start my Tuesday! Working with a bunch of addicts helps me run around and move a lot. I don't consider the calories I burn while working but I'm sure chasing those druggies and alcoholics around has to burn off something RIGHT? (hahaha) I actually made one of my clients go to the gym with me to teach him some healthy exercise habits :)

I'm so horny now... Why is it when I exercise all I wanna do is have crazy sex? lol

I ended up eating:
Protein shake: 150cal

Plain hamburger : 260
Tator tots: 200

Protein shake after workout: 150cal
Wheat thins + hummus: 165

Running/Strength: -200
725 cals total today!! FUCK YEAH! Go me! I am trying to stay around 800 and I did a FABULOUS job! I am so proud of myself!
A special thanks to Camille - Ulla - Sophie - Princess Perfection for your wonderful words that helped me get through my day today. It gave me the strength and courage to not go insane last night/today. I have to remember that the person he see's is not the person I see because I'm the one who has a problem with my weight, not him. It just gets so hard sometimes. (that's what she said, har-de har har!)


  1. Great job today! Sounds like you did really great with the workout and your food

  2. I'm new to your blog and I absolutely love it! Your hilarious! Congrats on doing so well today :)

  3. Oh yeah. It gets soooooooooooo hard.

    (Imagine that in a sexy voice while motorboating my boobs.)

  4. Amazing job on your intake and exercise today! What a wonderful start to the week! I hope the rest of your week is just as great. You should definitely be proud :)

  5. You did great with your food and workout! ^_^
    Keep up the good work!

  6. this comment is regarding your last post: my first bf was extremely religious and believed any form of sex (even oral, hand-job, fingering) outside of marriage was a sin. consequently and in conjugation with my other issues, i felt very undesirable and uncomfortable with my sexual desires. What finally helped me take my sexuality by the balls (pun intended) was when I learned that I deserve pleasure even if I am going to give it to myself.

    Our culture is strangely misguided and sexist about intercourse. Men have the right to say no to sex just like women do; sometimes they don't feel this way though because it would be "unmacho." The fact that you husband felt comfortable enough to defer sex says something very positive about your relationship.

    Don't trust society's gender standards. Also, don't rely on someone else's affirmation, only you can properly pleasure yourself and make yourself happy. The other person is there to connect with us :) all my love

  7. Hey!! im newly following so will catch up on your past posts (read a few from june) you seem to have such good control with your food and got some good workout ethic too :) ps i kno exactly the feeling of wanting som sexual fun afta a workout lool. Good luck with your weightloss plans xx